I see Charles County as a community that looks to the future, recognizes the past, and provides for the needs of the present: safe neighborhoods and schools, a thriving local economy, and a sound environment. We can choose a path where a sustainable economy of locally-owned businesses flourish; where all citizens’ needs are respected regardless of income level or homeowner status; where development is managed wisely to ensure that rapid growth isn’t allowed to overwhelm infrastructure; and where democracy is realized. My vision to accomplish this includes:

A strong economy with independent local businesses at its heart. Our government should create a climate that encourages innovative, responsible entrepreneurship.  When local companies prosper, and meaningful, rewarding careers are available to the people of this county – here in this county – we are all enriched.

A commitment to a healthy environment, from the Potomac to the Patuxent, from Mattawoman Creek to the Wicomico River, and throughout our beautiful county. Environmentally responsible policies that sustain our rural quality of life, uniquely coupled with economic opportunity, will preserve this outstanding legacy for our children and grandchildren. Careful stewardship of our precious land and waterways will fuel our tourism industry and keep our county attractive to potential homebuyers.

Responsive government, characterized by transparency, impartiality, and freedom from conflict of interest. Elected officials must be accessible to the voices of all. To serve the common good, policy must be established through careful analysis, logic, and common sense.

A transformed political process, where our elected officials are accountable to all who work to make this a great place to live, do business, and attend school, rather than promoting special interests. In Charles County we have a right to expect our government to work for us in the open, not in secret to reward a few. It is up to elected officials to set the tone.

As your next commissioner president, I will work hard every day to accomplish all these goals and more. I hope you’ll work with me to make it a reality.

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