Why Peter

“Why should voters choose you instead of your opponent(s) in the June 26 primary?”

As a growing county with so many opportunities and much promise there is no substitute for experience.  We have accomplished so much during this administration and to start over again would require a steep learning curve that will only hamper the progress we have made.  On the job training is not an option for our County. We deserve better.  My experience and the relationships that I have developed with our neighboring jurisdictions and our friends at the federal and state levels is unique and clearly sets me apart from my opponents. These along with my full-time commitment to putting us first and advocating for our best interests have allowed Charles County to stay competitive in the region and to establish our rightful place as a County that our residents can be proud to call home.

Another clear distinction between me and my opponents is that I will be judged on my performance not on promises.  Through sound land use policies we will slow the unbridled growth that has plagued this county for decades and with responsible fiscal management, we now hold for the first time in County history a AAA bond rating across the board. This has allowed us to increase funding for education including a mobile library, annual step increases for our teachers and the highest starting salary in the tri-county area. To address overcrowding of our schools, we will open a new elementary school next year and are spending millions of dollars to remodel and modernize our aging schools as well as upgrading security measures so our children can concentrate on learning in a safe environment.  We also increased funding for our Sheriff’s department to hire twelve additional law enforcement officers and funded a forensic lab to better protect any one our neighbor’s who has been victimized. To address our congested highways, we are completing Western Parkway to provide another alternative to traveling on Rt. 301, completing a round about at Billingsly Road and Middletown Road; and with $13 million dollars from the state we will fix the bottleneck of Rt. 301 and Route 5 north.  And that is just the beginning.  Even with all of these accomplishments and many more too numerous to mention here, we never raised our property and income tax rates.

If we are to live well in our home County, it requires our utmost attention, dedication, and experience to serve as President of the Board of Commissioners.  Unlike my opponents, I am able and have demonstrated that I have devoted full-time to this position.  Serving our county as President cannot be a secondary responsibility to another job nor can it be compromised by potential conflicts of interest.  For all of us and for the well-being of our County, a fully committed President is a must.  One who embraces and promotes all that is good about us.

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